MIT SAAA Logo: Choice, Design Options, and Input

October 2013

After much input and discussion, MIT SAAA has chosen Choice 4(a) shown in the following pdf document as its Logo.  Thank you for your input and participation.

August 2013

Please review the logo design options and send your comments to GK.
MIT SAAA Logo Design Options.pdf

June 2013

Thanks to your interest and engagement, we are working together to make MIT SAAA lively and vibrant. I think that we have had some success. Please see:  We are doing well on various metrics of engagement (see the About Us Tab in the portal) benchmarked against other MIT groups and clubs.
Now, we want to design a logo for MIT SAAA. We want the logo to be representative of who we are -- our community of MIT and South Asia, and to be both aspirational and grounded. 
Please send your specific ideas and/or actual representations/prototypes for our consideration. The MIT SAAA Board, with the help of MIT Alumni Office, will identify the best logo. And, of course, we will keep you informed.
We look forward to your suggestions and ideas.  Please send your ideas by email to by June 24, 2013.

Thank you.